How to Throw a 2-Seamer

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2-Seam Fastball (Difficulty: EASY)

The Blitzball 2-Seamer is thrown like a normal fastball for most people (in fact, some people will get a lot of tailing action naturally just by throwing a straight fastball), but some might want to adjust their grip and arm-angle for a little extra movement. The Two-Seam Fastball should be gripped with either the index or middle finger (try experimenting with both) placed directly on top of (parallel to) the seam of the Blitzball, which will slightly alter the angle of ball rotation and cause the Blitzball to break either in or out as it crosses the plate. A 3/4 delivery is typically preferred for this pitch, but some people like to drop down a little further (almost sidearm) for extra movement. It doesn't have the same velocity or rising action as the Rising Fastball , but it’s a great pitch to mix in because of its deceptive lateral movement.

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