Over $2,500 in prizes! The Blitzball Video Contest is open to all Official Blitzball Leagues!(CONTEST RULES at bottom of page)


  • $1,000 for 1st Place
  • $800 for 2nd Place
  • $600 for 3rd Place
  • $400 for 4th Place*


2020 Video Contest 1st Place: Bombers Blitzball League SUBSCRIBE to their YouTube Channel!


We are NOW accepting submissions for the 2021 Contest!

All videos for the 2021 contest must be submitted before September 30, 2021.
Record a video showing off your nastiest Blitzball pitches!

  1. Upload your video to YouTube, and make sure to include "Blitzball Contest 2021" in the title.
  2. Optional (to make sure we see it): Email contest@collegehillgames.com with your name, email address, and a link to your YouTube video

We'll pick 5 (or 6) finalists from all of the videos submitted and then leave the final voting up to a special committee comprised of 10-15 judges comprised of past video contest winners and long-time supporters. Each 1st Place vote will count for 4 points, 2nd Place = 2 points, and 3rd Place = 1 point. Voting will take place mid to late October, 2021


  • You must be an Official or Premier Blitzball League to participate.
  • All videos must be posted on YouTube.com, and must include the words "Blitzball Contest 2021" in the video title.
  • All videos can be a maximum of 2 minutes in length, so show us your best stuff!
  • Please mount video cameras to tripods or other "steady" camera supports during filming to avoid "shaky" hand-held footage.
  • The 2021 Contest will emphasize pitching quality (scoring will be approximately 70% for pitching, 30% for editing) so keep that in mind and show the world your nasty pitches!
  • The Blitzball name or logo must appear clearly somewhere near the beginning of your video.
  • The URL www.blitzball.com must appear clearly somewhere near the end of your video.
  • The use of Blitzball branded (blue) bats is strongly suggested for video contest entries. Although any great Blitzball video footage will be considered for the contest, our contests help to promote our brand so videos that show our Blitzball bats in use will have a better chance of being selected as finalists.
  • We recommend that any music you include come from YouTube's Audio Swap library, otherwise you will need to get direct permission from the original artist. If you decide to use an unauthorized audio track anyway and the video gets blocked by YouTube, it may be deemed ineligible for the Contest!
  • By accepting any of the cash prizes, you agree to transfer full rights and ownership of the video content to the College Hill Games Company, and provide a DVD or digital copy (if requested) of the video for use in any future marketing and commercial purposes.

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