How to Throw Knuckleball

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Knuckleball (Difficulty: MEDIUM)

The Knuckleball is a great pitch to throw with the Blitzball because of the crazy movement it produces. Grip the ball with the tips of your index and middle fingers (keep these fingers curled as much as possible) on top of the ball and your thumb and ring finger supporting the ball on the bottom. As you release the ball, you want to "push" the ball straight out with your fingers so that there is absolutely no spin on the ball (not easy to do). The perfectly thrown knuckler has absolutely zero spin as it flutters and dances its way to the plate. Some people like to throw a harder "power" knuckleball, which tends to produce a sharp downwards movement for Blitzballs. This can be a very effective pitch and is great for younger players to learn if they want to get sinking action on their pitches without having to throw curveballs.

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