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  • $800 for 1st Place
  • $600 for 2nd Place
  • $500 for 3rd Place
  • $400 for 4th Place


  • $800 for 1st Place
  • $600 for 2nd Place
  • $500 for 3rd Place
  • $400 for 4th Place

Featured League Video: Como Blitzball League
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To apply for official league status, you must meet the following rules and conditions first:

  1. Have at least 6 active members.
  2. Upload at least 3 game-play highlight videos to YouTube (each game should be edited down to between 3-10 minutes in length).
  3. Please mount video cameras to tripods or other "steady" camera supports during filming to avoid "shaky" hand-held footage.
  4. E-mail us at leagues@collegehillgames.com with your YouTube Channel (Facebook League page and/or League Website URL can also help but are not required) so that we can review it.
  5. NOTE: Due to the large number of requests, Official League status will be a competitive process and only a few leagues can be selected each year (selections will be announced at the end of MLB season) but we encourage interested leagues to keep trying by posting high quality game videos on YouTube (most important criteria) and continuing to support the Blitzball brand (social media, etc.). If selected, you will be informed by us via e-mail around the end of the MLB season after all leagues have been evaluated.


FOUR "League of the Year" cash prizes will be awarded every October and all official leagues will be considered for the prize. The "League of the Year" prizes will be based on several factors:

  1. Quality of the game-play footage and editing
  2. Activity and involvement of league members (on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)
  3. Overall level of support and representation of the Blitzball brand (could be anything... media, community, retailers, etc.)


We also want to show some love to the outstanding Blitzball leagues who have supported us for a long time, so we will award FOUR ADDITIONAL "OG League" prizes every October to the Top 4 Blitzball leagues based on YouTube subscriber count at the time of our selections. NOTE: It is possible for a league to with a "Top League" prize AND an additional "OG League" prize in the same season (for example: a league who wins 1st place "League of the Year" AND 1st place "OG League" prizes in one season would receive $1,600) but only leagues who have had "Official Blitzball League" status for at least 2 seasons will be eligible for "OG League" prizes.

TOP 20 Blitzball Leagues (based on YouTube Subscriber count as of: 12/1/18)
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  1. Oakleaf Blitzball League: 22,305 Subs (OG League)
  2. COMO Blitzball League: 13,151 Subs (OG League)
  3. CT Blitzball League: 9,023 Subs (OG League)
  4. NEA Blitzball League: 7,382 Subs (OG League)
  5. Backyard Blitzball League: 1,947 Subs
  6. Blitzball Japan League: 1,281 Subs
  7. Bombers Blitzball League: 817 Subs
  8. Lakeshore Blitzball League: 542 Subs
  9. JB Blitzball League: 230 Subs
  10. E Town Blitzball League: 172 Subs
  11. OK Blitzball League: 167 Subs
  12. Wexford Blitzball League: 162 Subs
  13. Curve Course Blitzball League: 138 Subs
  14. Slugger Wiffleball League: 84 Subs
  15. MT Blitzball League: 74 Subs
  16. Uintah Blitzball League: 72 Subs
  17. GSC Blitzball League: 62 Subs
  18. Comet Nation Blitzball League: 61 Subs
  19. Gainesville Blitzball League: 50 Subs
  20. Front Yard Blitzball League: 30 Subs

Do you belong on this list but don't see your league? E-mail us at: leagues@collegehillgames.com and let us know!


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