How to Throw a Riser

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Rising Fastball (Difficulty: HARD)

An advanced pitch and extremely difficult to hit when thrown properly, the Rising Fastball should be gripped with the index and middle fingertips positioned across (perpendicular to) the seam of the Blitzball (highlighted in red in the pictures)

The Rising Fastball can be thrown either straight over the top or at a slight three-quarters arm angle, but should always be held with a slightly looser grip than most pitches, which allows your fingertips to whip the ball around, ensuring maximum backspin and velocity. Thrown properly, Blitzball’s Rising Fastball will rise or tail explosively at the last second, making it virtually impossible to hit. NOTE: Blitzball Risers are very hard to throw for most people because it takes a lot of arm strength (it also helps to have big hands to really get good backspin on the ball). Most young players and even a lot of adults might struggle with this pitch, so a good alternative is to drop your arm-slot down to 3/4 and go for more of the 2-seam fastball "tailing" action instead (much easier to throw and just as nasty!).

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