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12 Pitch Tutorial: (oakleafwiffleleague)

10 Pitch Tutorial: (Sunny Shores Blitzball)

Knuckleball: (badgy25)

Double-Knuckle Curveball: (fastclax98)

Knuckleball: (fastclax98)

2-Seam/Tailing Fastball: (fastclax98)

Curveball: (oakleafwiffleleague)

10 Pitch Tutorial: (CT Blitzball League)

Curveball: (badgy25)

Drop-ball/Sinker: (badgy25)

Circle Change-up: (fastclax98)

Crazy Slurve: (fastclax98)

Assorted Pitches: (CarsonRosa)

Screwball: (oakleafwiffleleague)

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