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The Official Player Rankings are based on a Blitzball Committee vote. Only two-way players are considered for the overall rankings since it is based on a 1v1 format. Rankings will be altered with tournament performances, league statistics, and 1v1 matchups that will be featured on the Blitzball YouTube channel.

1. Adam Knudsen

Bio: The flame-throwing lefty burst onto the Blitzball scene at the 2020 Blitzball World Series and has been a force in the Blitzball community since then. Knudsen is regarded as the best pitcher in Blitzball and has elite command and tons of break on his pitches. His 2-Seam and Screwball buckle right-handed hitters and his sidearm knuckle drop began a new wave of breaking pitches. Knudsen has been known as a contact hitter with the bat, but when he finally gets the ball in the air, he hits home runs in bunches. Accolades/Stats:  (20’-22’) 3x Swisher Blitzball WS Champion 2021 Little Cubs Field Champion (MVP) (0.00 ERA | 0.400/5HR/13RBI) 2022 Columns’ Classic Champion 2022 Como Blitzball Cy Young (0.42 ERA) 2022 Como Blitzball WS Champion (MVP)

2. Trent Severino

Bio: Trent first appeared on the Blitzball scene at the 2021 Little Cubs Field tournament, where the KCBL team made it to the Championship game. While he does it all, his pitch mix has really brought him into the spotlight. As of late, Severino has all but perfected his patented rising slider. His ability to shut down lineups and be the sparkplug of a team was noted as he became the premier prospect in the 2023 Como Blitzball draft and has recently started his career with the Riptides. For tournament play, Trent has started his Blitzball Franchise, the “Clickbait Club,” which debuted in the 2023 Sunflower Series. Accolades/Stats: 2021 LCF Championship Appearance 2022 Sunflower Series Appearance 2022 KCBL Strikeout Leader (Pitching) 2023 Blitzball World Series Appearance 2023 Como Blitzball 1st Overall Draft Pick

3. Sammy Reazer

Bio: Reazer has grown into an absolute force at the plate in the last three years. He broke out in 2021 for the Badgers, which is widely regarded as one of the best Como Blitzball teams ever assembled. Since then, Sammy has launched his franchise in the Mustangs, quickly becoming a fan favorite among Como Blitzball fans. His success has come off great bat-to-ball abilities and bulldog mentality on the mound. Each year, Reazer continues to lower his strikeout rate and increase his Barrel %, evident in his MVP campaign in Como’s 2022 season and his incredible Blitzball Battle 3 campaign. Accolades/Stats: 2021 Como Blitzball WS Champion 2022 Como Blitzball MVP 2023 Blitzball World Series Champion 2023 Blitzball Battle 3 Champion 2023 Blitzball Battle 3 MVP (0.765 BA)

4. Jack Doyle

Bio: We Got Ice’s Jack Doyle has been the pride of the Jomboy Media Warehouse since its first video was released in February of 2022. The pitching specialist features a wide range of arm angles and pitches to fool batters, which has led Doyle to two consecutive Blitzball Battle Cy Young awards. While Jack’s pitching is undoubtedly his calling card, his batting has come alive in recent months. Doyle constantly varies pitching techniques to mess with the hitter’s eye and timing, techniques which he has called “goofs and gaffs.” While Doyle does have a Warehouse Banner with his name on it, Jack (and We Got Ice) is still looking for the elusive Blitzball Battle Banner. Accolades/Stats: 2022 Blitzball Battle 1 Cy Young 2022 Blitzball Battle 2 Cy Young 2022 1 Inning Roulette Champion

5. Joey Dimeo

Bio: Dimeo has built his resume from the ground up since joining Como’s Steamrollers in 2020. He led the team to their first-ever Como World Series Appearance in 2021 and returned as the franchise's Captain in 2022, leading his team to the big game yet again. His leadership is backed by his pitching, which while sometimes unorthodox, has been effective in both league and tournament play. Joey has led various Como squads with his relentless arm, and in the most recent Blitzball World Series, he did not concede a run in the entirety of his tournament run. Accolades/Stats: (21’-22’) 2x Como Blitzball World Series Appearance 2023 Blitzball World Series Champion 2022 LCF Champion

6. Trevor Plouffe

Bio: If Plouffe’s MLB career wasn’t already an indication of success, Coach Trev proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has elite bat control in Blitzball. Thanks to the dual threat provided by Plouffe, Forgotten Rotten quickly became the Warehouse’s biggest nightmare, and the former MLB star balled out on Blitzball’s biggest stage. His slider proved near impossible to hit, and his poise at the plate rattled several opposing pitchers. Forgotten Rotten has already hung two banners in the warehouse, and with Trevor Plouffe at the helm, more are likely in the future. Accolades/Stats: 2022 Blitzball Battle 1 Champion 2022 Blitzball Battle 2 Champion 2022 Blitzball Battle 2 MVP

7. Corey Sugg

Bio: Morada Blitzball has been a consistent force in major Blitzball tournaments, thanks partly to Cory Sugg. He is an incredibly balanced player who exercises all game tools evenly. It is hard to say if he is a better hitter than a pitcher, as he has succeeded on both sides of the ball. One word to describe his game would be “explosive.” His average exit velo is jaw-dropping, and his breaking stuff seems to explode out of the hand. With only two years of tournament experience, seeing what the future holds for Cory is exciting. Accolades/Stats: (20’-21’) 2x Morada Blitzball MVP 2022 Blitzball World Series Semifinalist 2023 Blitzball World Series Quarterfinalist

8. Mike Diehl

Bio: Diehl has practically guaranteed himself a spot in a hypothetical Blitzball Hall of Fame with a long and successful career for the Bombers Blitzball League. Diehl was known for his incredible pitching and clutch bat, leading him to multiple Bombers Blitzball World Series Championships. His most recent success came in the 2021 Blitzball World Series championship game, where he hit a Monster Home Run and then hit a walk-off double to give Bombers Blitzball their second Blitzball World Series title. Accolades/Stats: (2017,2018,2020) 3x Bombers Blitzball Champion 2019 Blitzball World Series Champion 2022 Blitzball World Series Champion (MVP)

9. Tyler Davis

Bio: Davis was a true rookie in the Como 2022 class, having not played Blitzball before April. A few weeks after being signed by the Como Mustangs, he pitched a stellar tournament and shined in the 2022 Sunflower Series, capturing his first tournament title in his short career. The winning did not stop there, as Tyler’s bat came alive during crunch time in the 2023 Blitzball World Series, hitting a Walk-off Homerun to send Como Black to the Quarterfinals, and then followed up with two home runs in the Quarterfinals to stun the 4th seeded Gainesville. And with his impressive win over Matt Foster in BRC 100, Tyler looks like he could compete with anyone on this list. Accolades/Stats: 2022 Como Blitzball Rookie of the Year 2022 Sunflower Series Champion 2023 Blitzball World Series Semi-Finalist

10. Jack Bresnahan

Bio: When talking about Blitzball team leaders, Jack’s name frequently comes to mind, as he has built Gainesville Blitzball League from the ground up and has led the team in some big matches. He is known for his outstanding pitching but also holds the clutch gene, keeping Gainesville in tight games. His riser starts at a low release point, adding to its deception, and his slider is top tier. What makes his pitching so solid is his command of the strike zone. He always seems to hit his spots when he needs to for some key outs. Accolades/Stats: 2023 Blitzball World Series Quarterfinalist 2022 Gainesville 1v1 Tournament Champion 2022 Los Angeles 3v3 Tournament Finalist

11. Nicky Cass

Bio: This is no act; Nicky Cass can ball. Even the neighbors (Diane especially) agree Nicky has developed into one of the best pitchers in the warehouse. His attack mentality pairs well with his sinker/slider combination. In a tournament dominated by hitting, Blitzball Battle 3 revealed how dominant Nicky can be on the mound to complement his fundamentally sound hitting approach. His swing is scary quick, and his pitching development helped catapult him in the rankings. Nicky is playing ball that Pasquale would be proud of, and the Love Yas franchise is heavily benefitting from it. Accolades/Stats: 2022 Blitzball Battle 2 Championship Appearance 2022 Blitzball Battle 2 Fan Favorite 2023 Blitzball Battle 3 Cy Young

12. Caden Sartain

Bio: If you want a big hit, you call Caden Sartain. The tall lefty hitter has found himself in numerous big situations and has seemingly delivered in all of them over the years. His pitching has steadily improved over the years, but it is nothing compared to his batting ability. His aggressive plan at the plate results in little strikes getting by Caden, which has resulted in moments like the walk-off Homerun in the 2022 LCF semifinals match, the go-ahead home run in the 2023 Blitzball World Series, and the Walkoff Single in Blitzball Battle 3. Accolades/Stats: (16’,18’,19’) 3x Como Blitzball World Series Champion 2023 Blitzball World Series Champion 2023 Blitzball Battle 3 Champion

13. Lorenzo Lew

Bio: Lew is the definition of a 5-tool player. He excels with the bat, on the mound, with quick fielding hands, plate discipline, and game IQ. All this leads to Lorenzo getting slept on, but facing him one on one is no easy task. The comeback kids from morada are united under the stability of Lorenzo and his leadership has brought them success on Blitzball’s biggest stage. As the young baller continues to gain experience under his belt, he could quickly ascend this list and Morada Blitzball themselves would greatly benefit from it. Accolades/Stats: 2022 Blitzball World Series Semifinalist 2023 Blitzball World Series Quarterfinalist

14. Matt Foster

Bio: Starting a Blitzball Career off with a Homerun in 5 straight tournament games is sure to turn some eyes, and at the Little Cubs Field Tournament in 2021, Matt Foster did just that. Since then, he has continued to prove himself on both sides of the ball, establishing his KCBL Yetis and the Como Steamrollers as contenders in their respective leagues. His unique “Shaker” highlights his pitching, closely resembling a gyroball, with a shake/drop as it reaches the plate. The Shaker and several other breaking pitches make him a unique challenge on the mound for any hitter. Accolades/Stats: 2022 KCBL Gold Glove 2023 Blitzball World Series Appearance 2023 Sunflower Series MVP

15. Hudson Borgmeyer

Bio: Hudson’s career started on a lackluster trail until he signed with the Badgers and had a career performance in the 2021 Como Blitzball World Series, where he hit two large home runs. Since then, Hudson has started his franchise in the Riptides and has been a part of some stellar tournament teams. Borgmeyer’s pitching has also taken off since 2021, led by his screwball and knuckle drop combination. He consistently finds the zone, and his pitches dip more than most screwball/drop pitchers, making him an effective arm for any squad he plays on. Accolades/Stats: 2021 Como Blitzball World Series Champion (MVP) 2022 Sunflower Series Champion 2023 Blitzball World Series Champion

16. Henry Justice

Bio: One of the youngest phenoms in the rankings, Evan has showcased some of the greatest pitching highlights in recent years. His arsenal is unmatched, and he constantly pushes the boundaries of what a Blitzball is capable of. In his first major tournament, Evan led his team to the quarterfinals, thanks to his stellar pitching against some of the nation’s best offenses. In 2023, he plans to team up with Trent Severino on the Clickbait Club for several tournament appearances. Accolades/Stats: 2022 Louisville Classic Championship Appearance 2023 Blitzball World Series Quarterfinalist

17. Kollin Stone

Bio: Coming Soon

18. Blake Venneman

Bio: BV has quickly emerged as one of the newest faces of KCBL, pitching lights out for the Flamingos. Not only did the rookie win Cy Young, but BV also beat out Trent and Matt in the race for the best pitcher in KCBL last season, which is no easy feat. The bat is also lightning quick, and early in 2023, he showed an incredible rate of contact that proved threatening to any pitcher. His best performance of his young career was shutting down the Como Captains in the 2023 Sunflower Series; a few more performances of that caliber would have him quickly ascending this list. Accolades/Stats: 2022 KCBL Rookie of the Year 2022 KCBL Cy Young 2023 Sunflower Series Champion

19. Jordan Schroader

Bio: Jordan has been a steady force in the tournament scene since mid 2021, but really caught some eyes through his 2023 world series performance in which he allowed only 1 run in the entire tournament. His riser/slider combination froze many of the hitters he faced and that is just one of the tools he features in his bag. His speed and patient eye makes him a formidable threat at the plate. In 2023 Jordan looks to acquire his second straight Swisher Blitzball MVP award. Accolades/Stats: 2022 Swisher Blitzball MVP 2023 Blitzball World Series Semifinalist

20. Landon Rawlins

Bio: You may have seen a young Doodoo Biscuittt facing off against Como Blitzball in a couple challenge videos and as if he wasn’t nasty enough then, he has continued to develop into a star Blitzball player. His pitching has continued to improve, providing a stable arm for the creator team in the 2022 Blitzball World Series. What flew under the radar, however, was his bat. He has quietly been a force at the plate for each team he has played for. It is not a stretch to believe that once he reaches the age of the majority of this list, he will be one of the nation’s very best.

21. Jimmy Knorp

Bio: Coming Soon

22. Patrick Jacob

Gainesville Blitzballs’ Leader of the Tigers, Patrick Jacob, has become someone a hitter does not want to see when they walk up to the plate. His pitch mix of a curveball, Knuckle Drop, Slider, and Variations of fastballs, leave hitters completely guessing. The 2023 2v2 tournament MVP is capable of throwing every single one of his pitches at the 80 MPH speed limit which you can understand, becomes a problem for hitters. Jacob isn’t afraid to swing the bat either, with a very quick bat to ball swing, he finds a way to produce numbers at the plate.

23. Jack Marquardt

This rising Swisher Blitzball star found ways to turn heads in the blitzball community. Whether it was the batters turning away from his knuckle drop, or the audience turning to watch, it didn’t matter to Marquardt who seemed to be a shut down guy every time he touched the mound. Though he would tell you he is not much of a threat at the plate, the Swisher All-Star and Cy Young candidate makes up for everything lost at the plate with his dominance on the mound.

24. Lou Dab

Bio: It is very fitting that Lou Dab is a mailman, because when Pinstripe Strong needs him, he always seems to deliver. Both his pitching and hitting have shined in the recent Blitzball Battles, and with his swing speed, it is easy to assume that under the Blitzball World Series rules, his bat would transfer. His pitch mix also has the ability to miss barrels, making him an MVP candidate in almost every event.

25. Alex Champeny

The Leader of the Story Hill Stompers caps off this list at the 25 spot, beating out many others due to his ability to contribute equally on both sides of the ball. In 2023 Champeny was able to place 2nd in his league in majority of pitching and hitting stats right behind #22 William Eckstein. As you start to see players crack the top 25 it is understood that they are either dominant on one side of the ball, or equally contribute to both. Champeny continuously improved both his arm and his bat in 2023 and looks to take advantage of filling the final spot on this list in 2024.

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