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Start a League Today!

Join the growing Blitzball Community and create your own Blitzball League! Get a chance to play with MLB Players, get boosted on Social Media, and enjoy opportunities to win Cash Prizes!

Official League Perks

  • Blitzball Starter Pack

  • 4-Pack of Blitzballs

  • Chance to get your videos posted on our social media accounts to promote your league

  • Eligibility for the Annual Video Contest with over $2500 in cash prizes!

  • Blitzball Strike Zone

  • Dozen Blitzballs

  • Special Invitation to compete in the Annual Blitzball World Series in Tampa, Florida (the best 7-8 Premier Leagues also get portion of expenses paid)

  • Opportunity to possibly play and mingle with MLB players at our Blitzball World Series.

  • Eligibility for League of the Year Cash Prizes!

Premier League Perks

How to Start an Official League

1. Have at least (4) active members
2. Upload at least (5) Blitzball videos to YouTube (3-10 minutes each)
3. DM on Instagram (@blitzballguy) to let us know about your league
4. All rules are up to you! (official rules here)

How to Become a Premier League

Premier leagues will be gradually selected throughout the year through a voting process by our most senior league committee members. Based on these factors:
1. Quality of gameplay footage and editing
2. Activity and involvement of league members (on social media platforms)
3. Overall level of support and representation of the Blitzball brand


Over $5,000 in Prizes


1st Place: $800
2nd Place: $600
3rd Place: $500
4th Place: $400


1st Place: $1,000
2nd Place: $800
3rd Place: $600
4th Place: $400

Updated Information for the 2023 Video Contest Coming Soon!

Deadline will be towards the end of 2023

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